How To Earn More And Work Less As A Mortgage Broker

Drag-And-Drop  Proven Lead Generation, Sales Process and Business Scaling Systems Into Your Practice In Just 12 Weeks. Final Cohort Starts on 30 June 2020 at 10am AEST.


Get the core Scripts, Systems and Templates I use in my practice to help drive lead generation and sales performance, both personally and as a team.
Uncover easy-to-patch “conversion cracks” in your existing sales process and leverage teamwork to scale beyond your personal effort.
Free yourself from the “I’ll create better systems when I have time… but I never seem to have time” Doom Loop.

“Let me personally work with you to implement the core lead generation, sales, referral and client retention systems I’ve used to scale and systemise my practice”

Craig Vaughan Four-Time Broker Of The Year Finalist & Co-Founder of BrokerEngine

Tuesday – Jul 14, 2020

From Craig Vaughan & Will Swayne, Founders of BrokerEngine

Dear Fellow Mortgage Broker:

Over the last 2 years, we’ve worked with around 75 brokers to help them rapidly deploy growth systems in their practice.

Now, the time has come to hold our LAST EVER  12-week Practice Accelerator Program before we turn 100% of our focus toward scaling our software business.

“What Is   Practice Accelerator… And What Do You Get As A Member?”

Many brokers I talk to are “doing OK”, but…

  • They’re not making all the money they’d like, OR
  • They’re working far more hours than they’d like, OR
  • Their day-to-day work feels stressful and “out of control”, OR
  • They know they need to create documented systems in order to grow, but they simply don’t have the time or the interest to do so.

If any of these are true for you too, then Practice Accelerator may be exactly what you need.

This is the Program I wish I had 10 years ago when I was looking to multiply my settlement volumes, without becoming a complete slave to my business.

As it turns out, I did end up achieving both of those outcomes…

…but it took many years of trial and error and many tens of thousands of dollars of investment in marketing, lead generation, sales process consulting, sales collateral development and more.

If I knew then what I know now, then of course I could have done it in a quarter of the time and with a fraction of the investment. In a nutshell, that’s what I’d like to help you do.

What You Get As A Practice Accelerator Member

There are 3 components that you get access to as a Member:

Online Modules and Templates

Access a library of online modules, templates and systems – downloadable via our secure membership website.

Private Facebook Group

Private access to our BrokerEngine Practice Accelerator Facebook group, where coaches and fellow participants can give you quick answers to any queries or sticking points you have.

Live Coaching

This is the centrepiece of the program. 12 Weeks of LIVE coaching calls on Zoom where we’ll work with you to implement each of the modules in real time.

In Other Words… The program is very interactive, and the more you take action, the more we can help you.

Course Outline: UPDATED FOR JUNE 2020

You Will Master These Powerful Growth Disciplines

Module #1: Your Practice Growth Roadmap Clarity

We’ll start with a crash course in where you are now and where you want to be, before helping you to build your personal Practice Growth Roadmap, focusing on the specific leverage points YOU need to focus on in order to write more business in less time.

Diagnostic Questionnaire
The Broker Growth Framework (Activity / Time / Teamwork)
How To Measure, Track and Manage Every Team Member

Module #2: Defining Your Unique Value Proposition Positioning

Non-differentiated “vanilla” mortgage brokers don’t do nearly as well as brokers who are able to define and articulate their value in the marketplace. We’ll work with you to articulate your unique value AND give you high-quality templates for creating your own Positioning Brochure and Case Study File.

Defining Your Unique Value Proposition
Creating Your Positioning Brochure
Creating Your Case Study File

Module #3: The Predictable Selling Process Sales

Discover The Predictable Selling Process that converts even cold, non-referred leads at rates of up to 90%+. We’ll introduce you to the exact New Prospect Sales Scripts you can use to segment your prospects into “hot”, “warm” and “cold” leads.

Introduction To The Predictable Selling Process
6 Sales Process Hacks That Will Boost Results This Week
The Testimonial Getting System

Module #4: Initial Interview Scripting Sales

Including the right way to welcome new prospects into your practice… the exact scripts you need to correctly qualify prospects (without over-qualifying)…  and how to control and direct your initial conversation toward a clear next step: giving you the business.

New Prospect Scripting
Initial Interview Scripting
The BOLT Profiling Tool

Module #5: The Perfect Presentation Process Sales

Next up, you’ll master the Perfect Presentation Process, a.k.a. how to present loan options in a specific and structured way that is almost always adopted by the prospect. This is a structure you can use to SYSTEMISE SALES in your practice.

The Perfect Presentation Process
Selling the Loan Strategy Report Process
Loan Strategy Report Presentation Template

Module #6: The 7-Step Broker Funnel Funnels

Now that you’re geared up to close more new business, we’ll give you easily customisable templates for the 7-Step Broker Funnel. This INCLUDES “Live” Landing Pages that we’ll help you deploy on your website (all you need to cover are your hosting costs).

The 7-Step Broker Funnel
Live Funnel Templates

Module #7: High-Impact Facebook Lead Generation Leads

Next up is specific training on High-Impact Facebook Lead Generation. Facebook advertising is consistently profitable for mortgage brokers who know what they’re doing. However, there are also a range of pitfalls to avoid. When you follow our Mortgage Broker Facebook Formula, you’ll tap into a rich source of new leads to power your growth.

Introduction To Facebook Lead Generation
Setting up your Facebook Ad “Plumbing”
Facebook Campaign Setup Walkthrough

Module #8: The Facebook Video Marketing Blueprint Leads

The Facebook Video Marketing Blueprint is our new framework for creating the right messaging targeted at the right audience in the right sequence. (Even though it’s called a “Video” framework, this also works with image ads as well.)

The Facebook Video Marketing Blueprint

Module #9: CLIENT Referral Generation Systems REFERRALS

Next, we’ll work with you to make Referral Generation a natural and automatic part of your client journey…transforming a lumpy flow of “passive” referrals into a steady stream of highly-qualified new business.

CLIENT Referral Generation Systems That Work

Module #10: INDUSTRY PARTNER Referral Generation Systems REFERRALS

In this module we’ll reveal proven processes for finding, activating and retaining industry referral partners who can become a “feeder” for new business.

INDUSTRY PARTNER Referral Generation Systems That Work

Module #11: More Revenue From Current Clients Retention

In this module, you’ll put an “iron fence” around your client base with advanced Client Retention systems that unearth NEW Loan Writing Opportunities from your current loan book (including refinances and referrals)…and ensure that all your hard work you do to acquire clients doesn’t go to waste.

Client Retention & The Periodic Review Process
The Print Newsletter Strategy
Client Newsletter Formula + Examples

Plus, You’ll Also Get These Valuable Bonuses

As well as these core modules, you’ll also get several BONUS MODULES to ensure you have everything you need to succeed.

Bonus #1

How To Leverage Multiple Revenue Streams

Most brokers rely on one source of income: loan commissions. In this bonus module, you’ll discover how to “bake in” new revenue streams, without distracting from the main game.

Bonus #2

Outsourcing Success Secrets

Many brokers don’t spend enough time sitting in front of clients because they’re bogged down in processing and administration. Craig has a high-functioning team based in the Philippines who handle his entire “back office” function. This module explains how he does it so you can tap into this low-cost scaling methodology.

Bonus #3

Marketing Collateral Library

Designing supporting marketing collateral from scratch takes a lot of time and a lot of money. To help shortcut your success and save you a small fortune, we’ve assembled a number of valuable bonus templates that you can “swipe and deploy”.

You’ll Get Instant Access To These Plug and Play Templates

Broker Profile Template

Landing Page Templates

Positioning Brochure Template

“Perfect” Facebook Ad Templates

Client Case Study Booklet Template

Case Study File Templates

In short – as a member, you get lifetime access to a treasure trove of scripts, systems and templates that would cost thousands of dollars and over 100 hours to compile from scratch yourself.

broker reviews

Hear From Previous 12-Week Practice Accelerator Participants

“We’re on track to consistently hitting $10M in settlements per month (if not more). Previously, we were close to $6M.”

Elissa Dowler,

“We’re a team of 60. My role at DPN is to help grow the company and make sure that our products are satisfying the needs of our clients.

Our brokers are great at what they do, but they don’t all share an enthusiasm for sales and admin activities. I saw Practice Accelerator as a way to help them hit their targets, close more deals and basically help our clients as best we can.

Our brokers are great at delivering results to clients. But I’m not sure we’re terribly good at communicating the value we bring to our clients. I wanted to change that.

Tightening up our processes based on Will and Craig’s recommendations and giving the team things like the welcome pack and the loan report has helped us to communicate our value. Systemising and refining our sales process and customer experience was always on our agenda, but we weren’t looking forward to the hassle of doing it all from scratch, so the scripts and templates have been very useful and time-saving.

The timing was great. We’d embarked on something we were calling the Booster Program, which was a concerted effort across the business to improve our front-end sales bottomline. In other words, looking at everything from our processes, customer experience and sales technique to improve our bottom line.

I’m not a broker, my background is in management and marketing. Most aggregator software provides zero value from a marketing standpoint and basic tasks can be painful. I saw Practice Accelerator as a way to see what a best-practice brokerage looks like and then use that as a benchmark.

Practice Accelerator has been very, very on point for us.

We’ve implemented a beautiful welcome pack and strategy report. And the feedback is good so far! It’s really helped package the value of our products and service in a common-sense way that clients understand.

We’re on track to consistently hitting $10M in settlements per month (if not more). Previously, we were close to $6M. One of the roadblocks we discovered was that our brokers were spending 80% of their time on admin. “This is ridiculous, we need to sort that out” I said. We have been able to learn from the mistakes and experience of Craig and Will with how they have outsourced tasks helping us to save time and money and avoid mistakes.

The thing I like most is that Practice Accelerator actually shows you how to do it. It’s very clear and easy for me to work with our Marketing Manager and Finance team to implement things quickly.

This programme has added another layer to reinforce what we already set out to do.

I meet with the team once a week and go through some of the materials. That keeps us on track. It’s good when this information is coming from an outside expert to back up what you’re trying to do. We have all learnt a great deal from The Practice Accelerator and I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to take their business to the next level.”

Practice Accelerator shared very specific, step-by-step processes for freeing up more of my time”

Deb Hammersley,
ADA Lending

“I was impressed with the BrokerEngine software, so I saw the coaching program as a chance to get more practical ideas and support from Will and Craig.

I’ve been in business for 15 years. Over that time, I’ve built up my trail, and most of my business comes through existing clients and referrals. I don’t want to work as much as I had to back in the early days. So I was looking for a way to keep the momentum going while taking a step back.

Let’s face it, things like the Royal Commission haven’t made life easier. Couple that with the usual difficulties of training a new broker and providing them with leads. Things can get challenging!

Like most brokers, I track my deals in my head. I knew exactly where every deal was at, and what had to be done next, and when it had to be done by. But I quickly discovered that doesn’t work when you expand your team. Things inevitably get missed and finance day becomes chaos.

I didn’t have process manuals for everything. And I certainly didn’t have the time to create them.

The Practice Accelerator appealed to me because it doesn’t just focus on lead generation… it also shares very specific, step-by-step processes for freeing up more time.

The Practice Accelerator appealed to me because it doesn’t just focus on lead generation… it also shares very specific, step-by-step processes for freeing up more time.

That’s allowed me to pass on more responsibility to my admin assistant, which has freed up my time and allowed them to do more without my direct supervision.

I’ve also taken a lot of ideas away from the marketing module. These will play a big role in our website redesign!

It will be great to generate leads outside of our usual referrals and existing clients.

Practice Accelerator has helped streamline what I’m doing, cut out the things that are wasting my time and delegate more to my staff”

Patrick O’Brien,
Mortgage World Australia

“I wanted to streamline my processes for making sales, writing loans and managing settlements.

Before Practice Accelerator, my approach was mostly a subconscious process that I navigated from memory with every new client.

Back in the old days before compliance came along I could turn around recommendations within 24 hours – nowadays the process is obviously a lot more involved.

Even though I have a team, I found myself constantly doing menial things like data entry and basic serviceability checks, instead of spending time building my internal systems and processes or getting more business in the door.

It takes time and attention to train people, so I found myself falling into the trap of handling lots of little things myself rather than teaching others to do them.

There were times where I just couldn’t keep up and client response times suffered as a result.

The Practice Accelerator has helped me to build and optimise a number of important processes within my business. It’s very practical. It gives me the nuts and bolts to streamline what I’m doing, cut out the things that are wasting my time and delegate more to my staff.

I’ve got better visibility over my leads and sales funnel. I know exactly what’s working and where I need to improve. And I’ve also decided to focus my business on a specific niche that has previously worked really well for me.

Having followed Will for the past 10 years, it’s been great to finally work with him in the Practice Accelerator. Thanks!”

“A team of experts who can help you turn around your business and get it to a stage where you are making more money, bringing in more consistent leads”

Steve Kellaway,
Stonehouse Group

“I’ve been working with a group of financial planners who have sent me a lot of business over the past four years.

The problem is it’s very sporadic.

It’s really stressful when you get to the end of a busy streak and realise you don’t have any new business queued up.

The cycle of being very busy, then scrambling to get leads through the door once those loans settle, is far from ideal.

When you’re busy, things slip through the cracks. When things are really quiet, it’s hard not to appear desperate to clients. It’s a real psychological challenge – especially given that most brokers earn a crust from commissions.

I saw the Practice Accelerator as a way to help me balance things out.

The lead generation component obviously appealed to me, but once I got into the nitty-gritty modules, it was clear that my processes needed a lot of work too.

I think if I tried to ramp up my business as it was at the time, it would ultimately have just made me busier and customer service would have deteriorated as a result.

BrokerEngine is giving me the tools, training and processes to take the next step; to get a back-office person up and running without too much intervention.

I’m still working through the modules, but I’ve already started to see better outcomes from things like using client testimonials, working on my back-end processes and starting to send out Welcome Packs.

Even little things like booking a meeting from a meeting are having a big impact.

That’s just a no brainer and I can’t believe I’ve never done that in the past.

Previously I would spend lots of time chasing clients, and that one simple tip is helping massively.

I thought the investment was very reasonable. As a one-man band, it’s very attractive to work with a team of experts who can help you turn around your business and get it to a stage where you are making more money, bringing in more consistent leads and freeing up your own time so you’re not doing all the work.”

“There is no doubt I have increased my conversion rate”

Bailey Kenter,
SMSF Loan Experts

Practice Accelerator has provided a step-by-step approach to improving all areas of the business. I’ve been really impressed with the program as it has allowed me to streamline tasks in a more effective way, as well as improve conversion and lead generation.

I see Practice Accelerator as a collective mentorship for brokers who want to become better salespeople and build more efficient businesses. It has been great to hear Craig’s approach to overcoming common growth & scale challenges. This gave me a lot of confidence to dive in and implement everything we’d been talking about.

This program has given me the tools I needed to truly uplevel as a broker. There is no doubt I have increased my conversion rate since implementing strategies learned from Practice Accelerator, which has been a really nice added bonus.

Overall, Practice Accelerator has provided me with strategies and tools that have allowed me to free up more time to focus on what I do best. The content is excellent – clear and concise – and has allowed me to have a more organised approach towards my leads and sales funnel. I can now spend more time providing the best loan strategy for clients within my complex, niche in the SMSF lending market.”

“We want a business where it’s possible to take holidays without things falling over. Craig has done exactly that.”

Garrison Muscat,
Easy Living Home Loans

“Before enrolling in Practice Accelerator, I had two goals. First, to build a solid process so the business would flow smoothly. And second, to generate a steady flow of leads.

I knew that once we had a good process and good lead flow, we could start hiring an admin team and really take the practice to the next level. We were also using BrokerEngine, so part of the appeal was obviously getting the best value out of the software.

We started our practice in February of this year. And we wanted to upscale to 5-10 brokers over the next five years. I knew we needed to document our systems and formalise our training processes as early as possible to avoid complications down the line.

Leading a balanced life is really important to everyone here in the team. Helping our clients to live the life they want is one of the things that drives us. Likewise, we’d like to build a business where it’s possible to take holidays without things falling over. That’s one of the reasons Craig’s story resonated with us so much. He’s done exactly that.

We’ve been running a few different marketing activities and doing things like expos. We want to fuel that and speed everything up with the digital strategies covered in the program.

I’ve been on all the live coaching calls so far. It’s nice to have an hour out of the week to get into that growth and systems mindset. Though I think the core modules are the most valuable resources. The templates make it easy for us to start doing stuff without having to build everything ourselves.

I feel like our sales scripts were pretty tight coming into the program. But things like the BOLT system and booking a meeting from a meeting, have made it all even more effective. I think it’ll pay off even more when we implement it further.

More to the point, as we scale, we’ll be able to say, “this is the way we run meetings”. I see formalising strategic things like that as being very important.

I would say the program is really worthwhile. The course material in the videos is excellent and I think having the Facebook page, where you can get quick feedback from Craig, Will and a heap of like minded brokers from around Australia, is also really valuable.”

It’s not just “this is what to do”, but rather: “this is what to do AND here’s how to do it”

Casey Stein,
Sirius Finance

“No one else wants to share this much information in so much detail.

All sorts of training providers promise the world in terms of ways to move the needle in your business, but there’s always some sort of hoop to jump through, whether it’s signing up to a certain platform or something like that.

While word of mouth has grown my business relatively well and served its purpose, it wasn’t going to get my business to where I wanted it to go. I wasn’t going to get to the next level doing the same things that I’ve always done.

Standing in front of a client and selling is not an issue for me. I saw the opportunity for streamlining a sales process and implementing a lead generation process.

The thing I liked about the Practice Accelerator is that I could learn how to do all this stuff regardless of the platform I was using.

Anything that can streamline a process for me is hugely valuable. I saw BrokerEngine and the Practice Accelerator as a way to shortcut the steps I needed to grow my business.

It’s not just a course that you do online. It’s this interactive thing where you’re working with other participants. Unlike other courses or diplomas you might do online, you’re actually in an interactive environment.

I figured I could find some of this info online, but I looked at it and decided that for such a reasonable price, I’d never recover that cost in time by trying to learn it all myself.

The guys share so many real-life examples and give you the templates. It’s not just “this is what to do”, but rather “this is what to do AND here’s how to do it”.

Previously I’d look at a lot of this stuff and think, I’ll get to it someday. It has definitely given me a lot of direction and structure to get stuff done.

I’ve re-done my documentation and re-visited my processes. I looked at my old collateral and realised it was very technical – I’ve now simplified it so clients understand it but still hits our compliance requirements.

I would definitely recommend Practice Accelerator for brokers who understand their business and know what they want to achieve, but don’t necessarily know the steps they need to take to get there.”

“For a modest price, I thought it was worthwhile getting a look at a business model that had been refined over years”

Steve Morrison,
The Loan Operator

“I was looking for a more streamlined way of doing things.

My business is coming up to eight years old. Over the years my trailbook has grown and I was hitting a critical point where, as a single operator, I wanted to ensure I could continue servicing all of my clients properly. So streamlining my processes was a priority.

A key focus of mine was building out the systems and collateral to ensure I’m nurturing with everyone I can. Obviously the trailbook is the big asset, so I wanted to make sure I was communicating with everyone in a meaningful way and at very least staying in their consideration set for new opportunities.

I saw Practice Accelerator as a way to piggyback off what’s worked for Craig. For a modest price, I thought it was worthwhile getting a look at a business model that had been refined over years and gone through a lot of trial and error.

In particular, it’s been good to see Craig’s collateral. He’s obviously not precious about sharing his templates, scripts and documents.

I’ve had my graphics person put together my own version of the loan strategy report, case study brochure and a few other documents. I’ve also started to develop more in-depth marketing materials of my own to better educate my prospects and clients.

Overall, I have found the resources inside the Practice Accelerator very beneficial.”

“Improved Sales Conversion Speeds, Better Client Outcomes and Higher Perceived Value Are Just Some Of The Benefits”

Johnathon Reeves,
Cliff & Moss

BrokerEngine software has helped to alleviate many of the concerns I had around visibility and tracking of deals, but I also wanted to discover ways to make other areas like lead generation, sales process and process efficiency run more smoothly too.

I have previously participated in business coaching and mentoring, but the Practice Accelerator Program is different. These guys really know their stuff and there’s nothing else quite like it that talks about business processes, sales and lead generation in a way that is super-relevant to broking.

Every module has the ability to add value to your practice.

I’ve incorporated a lot of recommended tools and processes. There have been some significant outcomes, including improved sales conversion speeds and improved client outcomes.

Customers also seem to perceive my process as more valuable.

I’ve derived a huge amount of benefit.”

“I wanted to get a nice, consistent level of business without working nights and weekends to deal with the peaks”

Barry Watkins,
Clever Finance Solutions

“I saw BrokerEngine as a way to see what other successful brokers had done, so I didn’t need to build everything from the ground up.

Previously we’d do a whole lot of marketing stuff, get some business in the door, get busy helping clients, and then drop off the marketing.

The result was lumpy deal flow with lots of ups and downs. You end up so overworked, trying to keep up with what you’ve got. Then things go quiet for a little bit and then it happens all over again.

I wanted to get to a stage where things are more consistent, with a similar quantity of leads coming through each month, without it affecting our level of service. I wanted to get a nice, consistent level of business without working nights and weekends to deal with the peaks.

I was attracted to the BrokerEngine Practice Accelerator because it looked at systems, processes, strategy and lead generation as a whole system. Unlike business meetups or mastermind groups, Practice Accelerator is built for brokers. You’re not left wondering if a certain module will be relevant to you.

Most of my current leads come from partners or clients referring to their friends or family, so I can’t wait to expand that with Craig’s lead gen stuff – particularly the Facebook marketing funnel and landing page module.

I’ve already picked up lots of useful tools and templates from Will and Craig along the way.

I’ve implemented Craig’s client interview process and it’s working well. It’s really valuable to be able to answer questions and gauge how the person is feeling about things immediately. It also saves a lot of back and forth via email, which adds time back into my day.

It’s great being able to look at someone else’s proven process – something that’s worked for someone who has ‘been there and done that’.”

What’s The Investment?

This is the part where you may expect me to break the investment down into a certain number of Starbucks coffees per week etc. But I’m not going to jump through those hoops today, because I think the value is self-evident.

The investment to participate in The Final Cohort of The 12-Week Practice Accelerator is only $3,000 + GST (or 3 monthly payments of $1,100 + GST).

At this price, when you or your team close just ONE additional loan using the strategies and systems you’ll get in the program, then you’ve made back your entire investment. Of course, if you apply even half of what you get in the program, then you should settle at least a few extra loans per month, and probably more.

You could “save” money by not participating, but it would cost you 20X the investment to develop all this in house.

So, if this sounds like the Best Deal Ever, we hope to work with you in The Final Cohort.



Registration Closes June 30th

Is There A Guarantee?

YES! If you’re teetering on the brink but just want to satisfy yourself that this is “100% legit”, then rest assured that we’re also including a 30-day Money Back Guarantee.

Take a full 30 days to check out the Program, and if you decide you’re in the wrong place, just let us know by sending an email and we’ll offboard you from the cohort and refund 100% of your investment on the spot. No hard feelings!

This makes your decision 100% risk free. There is no downside!


Frequently Asked Questions (And Their Answers)

Q: Is Practice Accelerator for new or experienced brokers?


Well, both.

Brokers in different phases of the lifecycle will get different things from the Program.

Brokers who are new to the industry, or those settling less than $2M per month, will get a set of proven lead generation, sales and client retention systems that took (literally) 10 years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to develop and refine.

You could choose to reinvent the wheel… Or you could just plug these proven processes into your practice right now.

What about experienced brokers who are already writing good volumes?

If you’re an experienced broker, you’ll usually learn a few new tricks… but will also learn how to leverage your team more effectively so you can get more done with less time and effort. Yes, you COULD create documented systems for this in your practice yourself. But that would take AT LEAST 100 hours. At some point, you have to consider the value of your time. It’s much smarter to “buy in” the solution rather than do it all yourself.

Q: What can I implement to get value immediately?


There are a number of “behaviour changes” to sales process etc. that are simply tweaks to what you’re already doing.

These have the potential to drive increased settlement volumes on their own.

Of course, if you implement the other components of the Program, you’ll do even better.

Q: What’s the time commitment required to implement?


Each of the online modules takes about 1 hour to consume.

We also have weekly live coaching calls, which run for 1 hour.

We may also add a few bonus “getting things done” bonus workshops.

You’ll also need to allocate some time for implementation. This will vary according to the specific week, but a minimum of 2 to 3 hours per week is recommended.

There are many aspects of the program that can be implemented immediately through simple behaviour changes.

And there are many other aspects that will save you a lot of time over and above what you’re doing now.

So you will in fact have more time in the week to grow your practice.

Once the weekly modules are unlocked, you have access to them forever, so if for any reason you’re busy and can’t attend to a module, you can always come back to it in the future.

We’ve occasionally heard from brokers that they “don’t have time” to do a Program like this.

Our response is that the reason they don’t have time is precisely because they don’t have systems in their practice.

At some point, you have to bite the bullet, make the time, and get it done. Within a few weeks, you’ll be ahead.

This is particularly time-sensitive, because this is the FINAL Practice Accelerator Program ever.

Q: When can I start?


The doors will open for registration on Friday 26th June at 12 noon AEST.

The first LIVE coaching call will be on Tuesday 30th June at 10am AEST and then every week for 12 weeks.

As soon as you join, you’ll get access to the first module and an invitation to join our BrokerEngine Practice Accelerator Facebook Group.

Once the program starts, this page will be taken down.

Q: I need leads – will this program help me?


There is a lot of focus on lead generation – it’s one of the main pillars of the program.

We find that most brokers aren’t getting enough leads to hit their client acquisition and settlement targets.

But in order to get leads, there is also usually a bit of “groundwork” that needs to take place, such as:

  • Refining your Unique Value Proposition.
  • Creating effective landing pages and funnels.
  • Tweaking your sales process to successfully close marketing-generated leads (as opposed to referred leads).

All these aspects are covered as well, to ensure you can convert all those new leads into clients.

Q: I’m already a successful broker – why do I need this?


Good question.

A lot of brokers who are writing big volumes also work a lot of hours, and don’t have as much time off as they would like.

They’re usually doing most of the “heavy lifting” themselves, and wish they had more support. They know they need better systems and standard operating procedures, but they don’t have the time to creat them.

If you are hitting your volume targets, AND you are having all the free time you would like, AND you’ve got a great team around you who are doing most of the heavy lifting, then you probably don’t need this program.

But if you’d like supporting team members to be more involved in helping you deliver a great client experience (while growing your volumes and giving you more time off) then this program can help you do that.

Q: Do you have to be a BrokerEngine software user to get value from this?


Not at all.

About half of our members to date have been non-users of the BrokerEngine software.

This program teaches a lot of “soft skills” and other systems that will help you grow your practice, regardless of what software you use or what aggregator you’re with.

Q: I’m a BrokerEngine software user – why should I also consider Practice Accelerator?


The BrokerEngine software is a workflow and automation system to help you scale your brokerage.

But what the software doesn’t cover, are the “soft skills” that fit around these things, such as:

  • Bringing more leads into your business
  • Sales process and scripting
  • Referral generation
  • Customer retention

These are the things that Practice Accelerator covers.

Q: Can multiple team members join as part of my membership?


The Practice Accelerator Program is offered on a “per broker” basis.

We do have some brokers in the program who are part of a firm.

There is a lot of online training content / templates, which can be accessed / used by multiple members of a firm.

However, the coaching calls / private Facebook group membership are limited to enrolled members to enable us to provide feedback and coaching on an individual basis.

We’ll provide a method for extra people from the same firm to join on a heavily discounted basis.

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Let’s very quickly recap what you’re getting here:

Watch over the shoulder of experts as they walk through road-tested strategies for scaling and streamlining your mortgage broking practice, including:
The “Broker Growth Roadmap”
The “Predictable Selling Process”
New prospect and initial interview scripting
The perfect presentation process
How to set up client-attracting marketing funnels (including “live” templates)
High-impact Facebook lead generation
Referral generation systems that work
Leveraging your current client base to drive more revenue
Slide decks for each video, for your reference and deeper understanding of the material.
Weekly LIVE group coaching calls with your coaches, Will Swayne (Lead Generation and Sales) and Craig Vaughan (Broker Processes).
Private access to our BrokerEngine Practice Accelerator Facebook group, where coaches and fellow participants can give you quick answers to any queries or sticking points you have.
Access to our archive of member questions – personally answered by Craig and Will.
BONUS: “Outsourcing Module” explaining how you can build a high-functioning team based in the Philippines who handle your entire “back office” function and tap into this low-cost scaling methodology.
BONUS: Access a library of “swipe and deploy” templates, including: broker profile template, client case study booklet template, “Shock and Awe Pack” formulation guide, sales brochure template, landing page templates, “Perfect” Facebook Ad templates, and more.
GUARANTEE: Take a full 30 days to evaluate the Program and decide if this is right for you. If you decide you’re in the wrong place, simply let us know within 30 days of purchase for a prompt and courteous refund.

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