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Finally, A Marketing Plan Oozing With Practical Strategies

Take the guesswork out of strategy, planning and execution with the 7 keys to predictable and profitable practice growth.

If you’re serious about growing your practice, then you need a marketing plan that is comprehensive, proven and practical: this is that plan. A few years ago I was stuck at about $50-60M in settlements, while working insane hours. I knew there had to be a better way to grow. That’s when I started using the 7 keys to predictable and profitable growth to structure and coordinate my marketing efforts. Fast forward 12-months and I was using this simple yet powerful approach to settle $100M+ while working only 20-25 hours per week, and enjoying 2-3 months’ holiday per year. Now I’ve documented my entire marketing plan and made it available to you at no cost.

Never Wonder What To Do Or Fix Next To Grow Your Settlements

Whether you’ve just started out as a mortgage broker… or you’re experienced in the industry… or even if you’re already a successful broker group principal… This marketing plan will provide the structure and focus you need to achieve meaningful growth for your practice. This is the marketing plan I’ve been using to help some of Australia’s most successful mortgage broking firms plan, track, execute and scale their marketing. In the Blueprint, I unpack my entire growth journey, and reveal the specific steps that allowed me to progress to the next phase. I won’t pretend that growing your business is easy (far from it), but I can say that many fellow mortgage brokers have been able to get useful and profitable insights out of the plan – and I know you will too.

About The Authors:

Craig Vaughan

Hi, my name’s Craig Vaughan, and I’m a mortgage broker by trade, and the founder of BrokerEngine. I run multiple mortgage broking brands and was nominated in the 2014 Broker of the Year Awards (Top 5) and in 2015 (Top 10). In 2016, I was fortunate enough to receive two nominations – one for Broker of the Year, and one for Broker Group of the Year. All while working 20-25 hours per week and enjoying 2-3 months’ holiday a year.

Will Swayne

Hi, my name’s Will Swayne.  I’ve been helping mortgage brokers grow their practices since 2005.  I’m good at spotting the “leverage points” in a marketing or sales process that will pop results in a short space of time and with the minimum investment of cost and effort.  Helping our BrokerEngine users get real-world results in their practices is what gets me out of bed in the morning.

What Fellow Mortgage Brokers Are Saying

“We’re on track to consistently hitting $10M in settlements per month (if not more). Previously, we were close to $6M.”
“Craig & Will shared very specific, step-by-step processes for freeing up more of my time.”
“Craig & Will have helped streamline what I’m doing, cut out the things that are wasting my time and delegate more to my staff.”
“A team of experts who can help get your business to a stage where you are making more money, bringing in more consistent leads.”
“We want a business where it’s possible to take holidays without things falling over. That’s one of the reasons Craig’s story resonated with us so much. He’s done exactly that.”

What You’ll Discover Inside The ULTIMATE Mortgage Broker Marketing Plan

We Created This Marketing Plan To:

  • Introduce the 7-stages of my proven “broker growth formula” – complete with dozens of simple yet powerful tasks at each stage.
  • Eliminate the disconnect most brokers face between marketing strategy, planning and execution.
  • Get your marketing strategy really tight and crystal clear – without slaving over a long-winded “plan” that just gathers dust.
  • Provide an execution roadmap that keeps you accountable, week-to-week and month-to-month.
  • Share “quick wins” for generating hot leads and ready-to-buy clients.